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Shipping (Domestic) - Standard & Express

Please read the shipping and return policies completely BEFORE purchasing.

By purchasing any products from this website, you are acknowledging & agree to all policies & statements posted on this website by Danger Kitty Fashions. If you have any questions about any of our policies, please feel free to contact us at any time at


Shipping Times and Policies -- How long does it take for my order to arrive? - Order Processing Time - This is the time from when you place your order until it is ready to ship. We do our best to ship within 24-48 hours after you place your order (weekdays only). Made to order items typically take 3-5 business days to be made prior to being shipped out. Shipments are not made on weekends or holidays, because UPS does not pick up and our warehouses are closed on weekends and holidays. So, if you place an order on Friday afternoon, the earliest possible shipping date is on Monday. Orders with rush shipping are given priority and are shipped first.  Sometimes if an item is not in stock, it may take an additional 2-4 business days to be made prior to shipping out.  Please allow this time when ordering.

We do not accept cancellations or take returns on orders due to an order not getting to you soon enough, EXCEPT, if it's over the time frames listed for backorders. We do this because many people expect orders to get to them in a certain time frame without checking to make sure an item is in stock, allowing time for our "made to order" items to be made, or requesting express shipping and allowing the 24-48 hour processing time.  Most of our item's are "made to order", and cannot be put back on a shelf if the customer decides to change their mind.  Please allow enough time for the item's to be delivered before making the purchase, and check our processing times and shipping time frames if you need them by a certain date.  We are always happy to have an item express shipped to you if needed.  Express shipping order time frames (Overnight, 2 & 3 day express) are from the time the order is processed for delivery by us. Not from the time you place the order on the website. Please contact us prior to placing your order, to make sure that the item you are ordering is available or can be made by the date that you need it.  We do our best to get all orders out as quickly as possible, and rushed if needed.

SINGLE item overnight shipping, SINGLE item 2nd Day Air shipping & SINGLE item 3 Day shipping are just that...shipping for a SINGLE item, not two or more. For multiple item orders that need express shipping, you need to contact us for a shipping quote. With the exception of multiple item orders where the products come from the same manufacturer as indicated by the first letters in the product code, ALL multiple item orders placed on the site with one of the previously mentioned shipping options will have the 1st available item shipped in the chosen manner, & a payment request for additional shipping fees will be sent to you for the remaining item(s) that must be paid prior to the items shipping.

Please check to make sure an item is in stock if you need it shipped quickly for an event. We can then check on the exact shipping amount to your area, and send you an invoice via e-mail for the express shipping option that you choose. The reason that we don't have shipping options for multiple items in our cart at checkout is that we are a specialty store and many item's are made to order, and get shipped out of different warehouses.  We want to make sure that first, the item is able to be express shipped, and then that we charge only what we are charged by the shipping company.  We do not mark up or make money off of our express shipping.  Orders typically take anywhere between 4-16 business days to be delivered, depending on where it is being shipped out of, and where it is going to.  Some made to order items may take slightly longer.  Please contact us if you would like information on shipping time frames for your particular item. We are not responsible for an order not getting to you in this time frame if it is lost or held up by the shipping companies.

If you place your order, and request Express Shipping AFTER the order is placed, we may or may not be able to get it to you in that time frame depending on availability of the product. We do not take cancellations due to someone placing an order first, and then asking for express shipping without finding out from us the availability first.  Orders go straight to the warehouse, so we ask that you please contact us PRIOR to placing the order if you need express shipping.  We will do everything we can to get it to you by the date that you need it. 

Due to normal situations with any company, there are times when items are temporarily out of stock. We usually get these items back in stock in a very reasonable time frame. If you need an item quickly, or for a certain event, please check to make sure it is in stock, and/or request express shipping to make sure it gets to you in time. We cant stress this enough.

We are not responsible for shipping companies times, such as UPS or Federal express. The standard ground shipping times vary greatly, and we cannot be responsible for this. We do our very best on our end, to get your orders out as quickly as possible, but we cannot control the shipping companies.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of our items are made to order, AFTER the order has been placed and typically take 2-5 business days to be made before being sent out. Please e-mail us if you would like to find out if any of the items that you ordered are in stock, or made to order items. We would be happy to find this out for you.

Special Orders - Made to Order and Custom Made Orders take longer to be ready to ship. Approximate order processing times are posted on our web sites for these items.

Shipping Time - This is the time it takes for your order to get to you, after it is shipped.

UPS Ground - This is our standard shipping method. Depending on where you are and which warehouse your order is shipped from, will determine the shipping time. Normally 4 to 14 working days. (PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS AFTER THE TIME IT TAKES TO PROCESS YOUR ORDER, & IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE) (UPS will not deliver to a PO Box)  UPS 3 Day Express -3 working days UPS 2nd Day Air - 2 working days UPS Next Day Air - Next working day Priority Mail - We sometimes offer Priority Mail shipping (please check to be sure if we can). Most of our warehouses are not equipped to ship by Priority Mail, so we must have your order forwarded to one that will ship by this method. Please allow an extra 10 to 14 working days for Priority Mail.

The above information is a guideline only. Many circumstances that are out of our control, can delay your order, such as weather, holidays, workload, back orders, etc. If you need your order by a certain date, please let us know. In some cases, we may be able to speed up the order processing times and determine the best shipping method, so you get your order when you need it.

Orders over $500.00 cannot be express shipped due to the problems we have had with fraud.  We would be happy to express ship a portion of your order if there are certain item's that are needed for a special event or occasion, however we cannot express ship a complete order of this size.  This does not apply however to wholesale orders that are set up ahead of time with our company to be shipped to them by a certain date. 

Do you ship internationally? -At this time, we only ship within the USA. - I am sorry but, we do not ship outside the United States, nor do we take charge cards issued from a bank outside the United States. We hope to be able to ship to our overseas friends someday soon. Please check back.

Can you deliver to an APO / FPO address? -We do not "typically" ship to APO/PO boxes at this time. Please check witth us first. Please do not order with a P.O. box or APO address as we cannot cancel your order once it has been placed if it has already been processed. If we make an exception, we will charge a 25% re-stocking and admin fee to cover any costs that we have and will incur accociated with this order.

What is my billing address? -The billing address is the address where you get your credit card statement each month. It is very important that you enter your billing address correctly. If this address does not match the address your credit card company has on file, your order will NOT be process until this information is corrected.

Can I have my order shipped to a different address than the billing address for the credit card? -AT YOUR REQUEST, we will ship to an address other than your billing address ONLY if that address is an "approved shipping address" on file with your credit card company. If using American Express, we can ONLY ship to your billing address.

What cards to you accept? -We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Can I mail in my order with a check or money order? - If you would like to place an order with a check or money order, use our shopping cart to add in the items that you want to order. After you have finished adding the item/items, go to " checkout" with a list of your item/items. Follow the steps that take you through our normal checkout procedure. This will bring up a screen with your order including the shipping charges. Print this and mail it along with your check or money order to the address listed under Mail on the form. Please make sure to comment on this in the comments section before you finalize your order. - We hold orders paid with a check until your check has had time to clear. That is about a week.

Why does my credit card not work, even though I know it's a good one? - It could be that you have typed the number in wrong and/or the expiration date. It is very easy to make a typo so please double check the card number and the expiration date. Or perhaps you have just made a payment. Remember that it usually take a few days for payments to show up on your credit card account. - Try another card. You may not be able to use that credit card. You may want to try to use a different credit card. - Contact us. Occasionally we have maintenance performed on our systems. If this is the case credit card verification can not occur until the maintenance is finished. We may be able to offer a solution even if this is not the case.

What is the credit card verification code, and why is it important? -This is the 3 or 4 digit number located on the back or front of your charge card. On your Master Card, Visa, & Discover you will need to turn the card over to the back side. You will see a string of numbers either in or around the signature area. We need the 3-digit number at the end. This is you verification coed. On American Express the code is a 4-digit number on the front side of the card l, usually on the right side located right above the raised numbers of you account number. In a nutshell this is important to you as well, as us. It shows that you have the card in your hand to help improve security for the consumer when buying something via mail, telephone and internet order, when the credit card is not physically presented to the merchant.

What name will appear on my credit card statement? -We will bill your charge card using our business name "D.K.L"

Can you send orders COD? -Sorry... We do not ship COD orders.

Can I purchase without a Credit Card? -We also accept cash, money orders, checks and e-checks. Money orders and checks must be drawn on a bank in the USA. Orders with checks will be held for 10 business days before the order will be processed. Credit Card billing will be from D.K.L.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

Danger Kitty Fashions

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fax (623) 322-9576

Please direct comments to: (c) 2005 - 2010

At this time we are only shipping within the United States. "Standard" Ground Shipping rates are indicated in the chart below, & are "per order". ($10.95 for shoes due to the weight of the product.)

There ARE exceptions. "If" there are special requirements, or additional costs associated with shipping your order, such as 2 -3 Day EXPRESS, 2 Day Air Express, or OVERNIGHT shipping,(or other) you will be contacted first, or replied to, (which ever the case is.) & asked for your permission to apply the additional quoted fees if needed. You may contact us in advance, via email at, & request express shipping rates. We will email a separate invoice for the additional shipping fees & process the order once the payment has been received.

Most orders are typically processed, within 24 to 48 hours, then sent out for shipping. (Weekends excluded) However, certain items that are not in stock may be shipped out within 3 to 30 days of the order being processed.

If a purchased item will be on backorder for longer than 15 days, you will be notified and given an estimated time.

We are not responsible for item's being late or lost due to problems with the delivery service. If you need an item by a certain date, please contact us as soon as possible for express shipping options. The shipping companies are soley responsible for backing thier guarantees. We can only take care of thing's on our end, and are not responsible for delivery service errors. We will do our best to help out in any way that we can. We always try to provide a tracking number whenever possible, if requested, but we have NO control over issues with the courier company once the item is in their possession. Nor do we provide any additional guarantees beyond what the specific delivery company provides. They are soley responsible for backing their guarantees & warranties.

At Danger Kitty Fashions, customer service is very important to us, and we strive to send all of our orders out as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction & ongoing business is extremely important to us!  Our company was founded on giving you the largest selection of quality items possible with the best customer service available.  We hope to serve you soon!

Thank you for shopping with us here at Danger Kitty Fashions!

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