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What IS...Sexy?
Sexy .. What does the word "sexy" mean? What exactly is it that makes a woman "sexy"?
Movie Actress Gene Tierney

What is... "Sexy"?

Movie Actress Veronica Lake
Kim Basinger, Raquel Welch, Halle Berry, Ann Margaret
Kim Basinger
Raquel Welch
Halle Berry
Ann Margaret
The word "sexy" is much used in our time of mass media, and everyone it seems wants whatever it is that defines "sexy", so the question is.... what does it mean to be "sexy"?
Good question, and in a sense, when looked at historically it's a moving target -- what was considered "sexy" to the people of Renaissance Italy is not necessarily what we call sexy now. However since the advent of modern film making and then television, it does seem that certain similar characteristics can be found in those women who are elevated to the position of "sexy goddesses". And once that "look" is defined, the rest of society makes every effort to replicate it through the use of clothing, cosmetics, body shape, and hair styles.
If you look carefully at the photos on this page, you'll see a progression through the decades, starting with Clara Bow in the 1920's and continuing up through Ava Gardner in the 40's and Angelina Jolie in our own time. Clara Bow was called "The It Girl", and we all know what "It" was -- the people of the Roaring Twenties saw her as sexy on screen ... she had "IT"! So while each actress is obviously unique, they all share that magical quality of "sexiness" -- an aura that men find irresistible -- and that in large part contributed to their extraordinary popularity.
But again, what is "it"? Here is what the dictionary says:
sex·y  – adjective, sex·i·er, sex·i·est
1. sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality;
2. excitingly appealing; glamorous, seductive;
3. being erotically attractive to another.
And here are some synonyms associated with "sexy":
appealing, arousing, attractive, beautiful, captivating, charming, cute, darling, delectable, delightful, desirable, erotic, hot, luscious, passionate, seductive, steamy, suave, sultry, vivacious, voluptuous
Individually those traits in and of themselves may not account for someone being sexy, but taken in combination, they may very well result in a "sexy woman". So for example, the fact that someone is simply "suave" would not necessarily make them sexy, but being suave & attractive & vivacious could easily do the trick (where "vivacious" is defined as "full of life", and "suave" is defined as "charming").
A pleasing trait such as "vivacious" is behavioral, so if it's important to you to feel sexy & be seen as sexy, then being more vivacious is something you can cultivate. People enjoy being around someone who is "full of life" -- no one wants to be around someone who is constantly miserable, so to be truly sexy, it's important to enjoy life.
The same thing could be said for the popular and often used word "hot". The fact is, most men find women attractive when they accent their femininity. If you think you're attractive walking around in baggy and shapeless clothing, think again -- there is nothing whatsoever that is sexy or even feminine about that kind of boring ladies apparel.
So if it's important to you to be sexy, you'll get a much better response wearing the kind of clothing that is a turn-on and makes you look good, rather than the kind that is a turn-off and makes you look drabby, flat or sloppy. In the words of the great Mae West, who knew a LOT about being sexy:   "Always look your best ~ who said love is blind?"
Here's another important sexy tip -- if you have a nice shape, then don't be afraid to present yourself in a way that is enchanting to men. If you don't have a good shape, then once again, you can do something about it through diet & exercise. So in addition to being sexier, you'll feel better if you eat right and take care of yourself, and there's much to be said for that, because when you feel healthier you'll feel happier, and let's face it, men are more easily attracted to cheeerful women!
On this page we've briefly discussed what is "sexy" -- here are some more important tips about  [How to Be Sexy]
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Michelle Pfeiffer, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn, Brigitte Bardot
Michelle Pfeiffer
Angelina Jolie
Marilyn Monroe
Brigitte Bardot
Clara Bow     Betty Grable     Jane Fonda     Ava Gardner     Rita Hayworth
Sexy Goddesses of the Cinema (left to right)...
Clara Bow (1920's) ; Betty Grable (1940's) ; Jane Fonda (1970's) ; Ava Gardner (40's & 50's) ; Rita Hayworth (40's & 50's)
All these great stars personify what it means to be "sexy" ~ they were beautiful then, and they're beautiful now
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