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How to be...SEXY!
Tips and suggestions on how to be sexy!
Movie Actress Charlize Theron

How to be... Sexy!

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Becoming a sexier person is one way to enjoy a more fulfilling life. If you're ready to "sex up" your image a bit, these tips will show you the way...

Sexy Lingerie Fashions is dedicated to presenting top quality women's sexy clothing, to help you easily find a new outfit whenever you are ready to spice up your love life. But is wearing sexy apparel ALL it takes to be "SEXY"? Not in and of itself, though if you want to be sexy to the men in your life, Sexy Lingerie it certainly helps to dress the part. So what else does it take? Here's a few tips & suggestions to help you become a sexier woman...

First of all, think about how people see you. They see your body, your clothing, and the way you carry yourself, which is to say, your personality. Let's start with that.
It's important to understand that much of being "sexy" is about attitude. Are you upbeat & enthusiastic? or are you constantly miserable & unhappy? Do you have self-confidence, or are you a wallflower? Clearly it's more enjoyable to be around someone who is full of life, as opposed to someone who is always down, so right there you can be more appealing simply by presenting yourself as someone who is fun to be around.
This does not mean you must act silly all the time and can never be serious -- much of life requires seriousness, and smart women are definitely sexy -- but there's a time & place for everything, so it's ok to lighten up and simply enjoy yourself when the opportunity arises. You'll find that it's contagious -- the more cheerful you become, the more others will want to be around you because they'll find your company to be very appealing. So step number 1 on the road to being more sexy is to be a confident, charming & optimistic person.
But a good personality is not all it takes -- you have to look good too. It would be great to have the heavenly body of a Cindy Crawford, but you should not measure yourself against the supermodels -- they are in that rarified air because they are one in a million. But even those modern "goddesses" must pay attention to all the things it takes to remain a beautiful & sexy person. In other words, they work hard at it, every day!
Instead of comparing yourself to others, be the best that you can be, because if you want to be sexy, you must first be happy with yourself. That is essential!
If you need to lose a few pounds, then now is the time to focus on that. For one thing, you'll be more healthy, and good health is very attractive to men because evolution has hardwired into all of our genes to want a healthy mate. Here's the best rule for dieting we've ever seen: If you don't buy it, you won't eat it -- dieting starts at the grocery store. If you only buy healthy & nutritious foods, then in all likelihood that is what will comprise most of your diet. So when you go shopping, only buy the kind of foods that will help you maintain your best weight, and leave the rest on the shelf.
That means when you have a choice between drinking soda or drinking all-natural fruit juice, go with the juice -- all that sugar in soda is hurting you (and don't be fooled by the so-called "diet sodas"). The Goddess Workout Eat natural and avoid junk -- you'll be healthier (read: sexier) and you won't end up spending any extra money because when you don't buy junk food, you have more money available for real food.
And of course some level of exercise is absolutely essential to being healthy, which as we say, leads to being a more sexy person. We could fill this whole page explaining that statement, but everyone already knows how important it is to keeping your muscles toned, not only to look good, but you'll also be better in bed if you're in better shape. So if you're not already on a daily exercise routine, look in to some workout dvd videos. You'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can regain your figure if you're willing to do what it takes. And "exercise" does not need to be a chore -- belly dancing, salsa dancing, and pole dancing are great ways to stay toned, plus once you learn the moves, they're fun & and real sexy. 
The Goddess Workout OK, so you're working on having a positive personality and are setting the goal to be in shape, at your optimal weight. But there's more to your body than just your weight -- there is also your smile (teeth), your hair, your complexion, your nails, and your breath. To be sexy, these are all things that you can & should nurture. Bathe every day with a pleasant smelling herbal soap; wash your hair with good quality products that add body & shine; keep your teeth clean & white; use a mouthwash a couple times a day to freshen your breath; and make sure your nails are trimmed & clean. All of that improves your appearance, which of course makes you more appealing ... and when you feel more appealing, you'll feel sexier!
Your complexion is really important, as it also implies good health, so you want to keep your skin very clean (use skin care products for deep cleansing & moisturizing). Plus, many people have found that a daily vitamin/mineral supplement is good for skin, especially vitamin E and zinc, so get into the habit of taking a multi-vitamin at least once per day. You'll also find that a sensible diet will help create & maintain healthy skin, so again, eat the most nutritious foods whenever possible, and drink plenty water, as that will flush toxins from your system, which helps keep skin clear.
It also needs to be said that smoking is a total turn-off in today's world. Sure, back in the 40's, 50's & 60's every film seemed to have gorgeous women lighting up, but that was in the dark ages, when the tobacco companies were able to say whatever they wanted. Now we know that it kills your teeth, ruins your gums, makes your breath smell, dries out your skin, gives you heart disease, and eats away your lungs. If you think any of that is sexy, you are seriously missing the picture. How to Apply Makeup
So again, a good personality is sexy and a healthy body is sexy. Now what about cosmetics and clothing? You should most definitely learn to use makeup to your advantage. Don't over do it, as you don't want to look like a clown. Instead, you want to accent all the best parts of your face, and minimize those parts that are less pleasing. Becoming knowledgeable on the application of cosmetics can make a huge difference between an ordinary look and a stunning appearance.
The clothing you wear is a crucial piece of the puzzle. If you haven't gotten the memo, here it is again:  Men like to see women in sexy clothes, so if it's important to you to look & feel sexy, then you'll have a lot more fun if you accept and enjoy it. But it's also important that you dress appropriately, as otherwise you could easily put people off. You obviously don't want to wear a tight halter top, micro mini skirt, fishnet stockings & stiletto heels to the church baptism of your niece -- that would be seen as insensitive by many people. But that same exact outfit might be absolutely perfect for a club, dance, party, or quiet dinner with your lover -- it's all about time & place, so dress accordingly. When you can look sensational, go for it!
As everyone knows, certain kinds of clothes come across as sexy, and some don't. Whether that's because of mass media advertising or because it's part of a man's genetic make-up is not really relevant -- it is simply the way things work. Sexy Short Dress If you have a nice bosom, then a tight sweater or blouse is a turn-on. If you have nice legs, then a mini-skirt and sexy stockings is a turn-on. When you're ready to slip into bed, a see-through negligee is going to score a LOT more points than a floor length thick & shapeless flannel nightgown. Ladies, if you want men to see you as sexy, then the clothing you wear can easily take you half-way down the road, because when they first see you, that's what will make an impression!
Finally, put on some of your favorite jewelry and add a touch of perfume behind your ears and/or on your neck. Don't over do it -- too much jewelry is distracting and too much perfume can make you smell like an old French call girl. Wear the kind of earrings that flatters your face & hair. Remember that jewelry draws the eyes, so if you have a good figure, then wear a long necklace that brings attention to your breasts; if you have nice legs, then wear anklets; if you have lovely hands, then add rings and bracelets.
Everything we said above about personality and a healthy body is absolutely true, but that comes into play after you've gotten a man's attention, so make sure you have the right selection of sexy apparel in your closet! You have to be noticed first in a favorable way if you want to win the battle, then you need a pleasing personality and a healthy body to win the war. Women who are the most successful with men understand that is a fact of life, so if you wear the kind of clothing that shows off your finest assets, and you take good care of yourself, and you let your natural charming self shine through, then you'll be in for a lot of good loving in your life. And hey, isn't LOVE what it's all about??
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