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Finding The Honey In Honeymoon Lingerie

Imagine the scene: Your bedroom is illuminated with the smoldering glow of a hundred scented candles, you have soft music playing in the background, the champagne is chilling, and you've covered the bed in rose petals and teensy-weensy heart shaped chocolates (OK, cut the chocolates, they may get messy

unless you eat them first!)

Feeling luxuriously languid in your silk negligee, you lounge against the bedroom door, caressing the door jamb like it's a small fluffy puppy. A gentle intake of breath... Yes, you've attracted his attention and he turns slowly to eye you from top to toe. "Could you turn the music down, love? I can't hear the game."

Now if this was your honeymoon, I'd be checking out the pre-nup by now. But thankfully (or hopefully, whichever is the case) this scenario may well be what you'll come to expect down the track if you don't keep your own on the ball (so to speak!)

Because unfortunately gals, unless you are one of the infinitesimal number of lucky women who finds herself with a really-truly romantic kinda guy, it's up to us to keep the spice in the hot pot we call romance. And certainly the time to put those ingredients on to boil is during your honeymoon.

Whoever said "If love is blind, then why is lingerie so popular?" certainly knew what he (or she) was talking about. Your honeymoon is that strange hiatus between the fairytale of your wedding day and the soap-opera that will become real married life. It's a time to get to know each other - intimately.

And that, my friends, is why honeymoon lingerie is one of the most successful and popular items currently bought on the Internet. And I said "bought', not "ogled at"!

Young women in their droves are searching online honeymoon lingerie sites looking for that one special item (or maybe more if your heart and wallet desires) that may get your man to take his hands off the remote control and on to you.

The secret to buying the perfect honeymoon lingerie is to compromise (and isn't that what marriage is all about?) between what makes you feel fabulous, flirty, sexy and ready for anything and what your man loves to see you in - besides nothing at all! There's simply not much point in organza and French Chantilly lace if you rock your new hubby's socks when you are wearing his Y-fronts with his 20-year-old Rangers T-shirt. A suitable compromise might be a perky DKNY cotton cami and boy-leg shorts set.

Similarly, you don't want to permanently damage the delicate psyche of your romantic-at-heart if you appear on Day 2 of your honeymoon in your pilled and tattered trakky. He's going to wonder if he married his Juliet or a grunge-band junkie. Honeymoon lingerie has come out of the closet (so to speak!) and gone uptown in an array of colors and styles that would suit even the most coy of new brides. If the whole white lacy suspender-and-stockings-number makes you want to run to the nearest divorce lawyer, you'll be thrilled with the latest range of honeymoon lingerie available online. "New brides are becoming color conscious - purchasing lingerie in a rainbow of colors is the trend. We are seeing honeymooners purchase sexy, classic and gorgeous lingerie for their "big day" and "afterwards", not restricting themselves to the traditional white or black any more," says Jeanine Brown from the funky and fashionable online lingerie store" Aqua and red were the most popular colors this past season and pale greens, lilacs and soft baby pinks are currently popular."

So, there you have it. From sexy, sporty cropped tops and boy-leg shorts, to the glamour of a silk peignoir; from cheeky, flirty baby-dolls to the sultry seductiveness of black teddies, honeymoon lingerie offers you so many choices, it would take a strong woman to stop at one. But then you did choose just one marriage partner, so now all you have to tackle is that remote. . .

The Author: Taylor Henry 

Wedding Lingerie: Right Beneath Your Dress...In Importance?

Your wedding day is one you won't forget. Similarly, you want your wedding night to be equally memorable. Wedding lingerie can go a long way toward making both of these things happen. It is just as important to your wedding as your dress, your makeup, or the flowers. Your wedding lingerie marks the beginning of your intimate life with your husband. It is also the foundation for your dress and your overall look.

More now than ever, wedding dresses are designed to be sensual and revealing, albeit in a classy manner that reflects the mood of the day. Wedding lingerie should be selected as a reflection of this look. If your dress fits tight to your body, the proper wedding lingerie can prevent the showing of lines and creases.

A white thong, for instance is an item that is sexy, comfortable, and can hide from your guests so that your dress wears as it was designed. Your bra is another important part of wedding lingerie. You want supportive a supportive bra under your dress, and you don't want it to show over the top or out the sides of your dress. Strapless bras, again, are a form of wedding lingerie that can be sexy for the night, but reflect your dress in a perfect line during the ceremony and reception. The important thing is balance. Find wedding lingerie that will be functional for the wedding, comfortable for the reception, and still translate into a sexy mood in the honeymoon suite with your new groom. Some brides find that the best wedding lingerie to hit on all three characteristics is the one piece body shaper or corset. It certainly assures no panty lines, is flattering for the torso, comfortable (if fit properly), and most men find them sexy.

In terms of practicality, another very important piece of wedding lingerie is your slip. What style of slip will be needed is dependent on your dress, so obviously you will need to choose that first. When selecting any wedding lingerie be sure to have pictures of your dress with you for reference. For instance, a very full skirt, bouffant style, will need extra lift to keep the weight of the dress form pulling down on the fabrics. In this case, the proper wedding lingerie in terms of the slip is a crinoline slip with many layers. For an A-line type wedding dress, crinoline with only one or two layers is your best bet. No matter what, you need to select your slip based on practicality. This is wedding lingerie that will set the foundation for your wedding dress and your look.

Traditionally, the most important piece of wedding lingerie will be your garter. Since it will be given away, it is the one piece you won't likely want to spend too much to get. Find a fun novelty store that carries lingerie to get your garter without spending too much on it. Since everyone at the reception will see it, cut loose. That is a time to use your wedding lingerie for fun outside the bedroom. Find a fun color, a silly style, or something to moderately embarrass your groom in front of the family.

Wedding lingerie is as important as a wedding dress. It is the foundation for your dress and will help it look its best. It is also the foundation for your first night as a married woman. Your wedding lingerie should be silent and hidden during the ceremony, but be able to speak loudly to your new groom on you wedding night.


The Author: Kelly Reyes 

Shopping for Plus Size Erotic Lingerie Online

Being overweight no longer excludes you from wearing sexy lingerie and thanks to the internet shopping for plus size erotic lingerie has never been easier.

Often it is difficult to find larger sizes in brick and mortar stores and when you do it is a petite woman with a "perfect" figure is staffing the lingerie boutique - something that can make a Rubenesque woman feel self-conscious shopping for plus size sexy lingerie. There is no lack of exotic sexy plus size lingerie on the Internet. You can find a plus size teddy or garter set or a sexy plus size costume with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Wearing sexy lingerie can be a boost to your self-confidence and put a spark in your relationship. Knowing that you are wearing such sexy clothing under your regular clothes puts you in control of your body and your sexuality and if you drop hints to your mate in the morning about what you are wearing he will be eager to see you in (or out of) full regalia by evening.

When you shop online, you will easily find erotic sexy plus size lingerie to fit every size. Most regular stores do not have the space to carry a very wide selection of plus size clothing, but online retailers are better able to satisfy the needs of everyone because they can work with different manufacturers and drop shippers to find sizes and styles for every body type.

The lingerie size charts on most sites make it easy to understand the size you need. For example, when you want to order a plus size bra, the sites will often give detailed instructions on how to take your measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit.

The best thing about shopping for your plus size erotic lingerie online is that many times you will not have to pay extra for the larger size like you do in retail brick and mortar stores.

There has been tremendous growth in recent years in the plus size lingerie industry in both quantity and quality. Not too long ago there were very few choices for big beautiful women for looking sexy and now there are whole stores dedicated to large size sexy costumes and garters and more. Plus size women can now enjoy feeling feminine and pretty underneath their everyday clothing too.

The Author: Katie Rose 

Hot Lingerie Trends

Just like other areas of the fashion industry, there is always something new and exciting on the horizon for lingerie. From the beautiful to the weird, here are a few of the newest highlights in lingerie fashion.

One of the more popular moves with lingerie is to take it out of the bedroom. Wearing camisoles and corsets around in public is deemed Clubwear lingerie, and seems to be taking a hold of many areas. Just make sure all the appropriate bits are covered - you don't want to get arrested!

Another way to show your lingerie is through the use of bows and tassels on pieces. Low rider jeans help with this, and a there are a growing number of thongs, panties, and bustier that have parts mean to be shown. These types of lingerie also seem to run for a higher price, so you would have even more incentive to show it all off!

One big trend is accessories and accents. You can't get away with just plain old lingerie - crystals, sequence, straps, fur, fine lace, and almost anything you can imagine is thrown onto lingerie. This makes for an infinity creative design and gives you plenty of options for choosing the perfect piece!

Baby dolls, boy shorts, and camisoles are in high demand. This goes hand in hand with the trend of wearing your lingerie around. Lighter colors and more playful designs are in vogue, with pastels taking a clear lead over other colors.

Thongs have been big for quite awhile, and with an even large variety of styles and fashions being designed, it just keeps on going. More and more women are discovering that thongs really aren't that uncomfortable (for the most part) and are wearing thongs for everyday activities as well.

Corsets corsets corsets! The demand for corsets is greater than ever, and with the hybrid camisole corset you don't have to worry about a pinching tight fit.

The last big trend for this year is the full ensemble. This seems to be brought about by women on the go that don't want to waste time picking out each and every last accessory for their lingerie. This includes robe and lingerie sets, baby dolls, chemises, and gowns.

This year is an exciting one for lingerie trends, and it will definitely help you spark some excitement in the bedroom!

The Author: Eden Tuin

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