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Frequently Asked Questions

·  How is it that you guys are so incredibly awesome?
You know…We get asked this one a LOT! It’s just what we do!
Actually, we were customers just like you. We got so sick & tired of the lousy customer service, poor selection & unreasonably high prices that we decided to start our own company. We wanted to be the "exception". We’re awesome by design!

·  I ordered and I did not receive a confirmation email?
Please check your spam folder. If you did not receive an email after your ordered, chances are your order did not go through or you gave us an incorrect email address. Contact us.

·  I selected "Next Day Air" my package is not here and it has been one day!
"Next Day Air","2nd Day Air" or even 3 Day Express is just a shipping choice, not the processing time. Please see the description to your item(s) and read the "availability" time. That is your processing time. Once it is processed we will ship according to your shipping choice.

·  I have two coupon codes why are you not accepting both of them?
Our system can only accept one coupon code at a time.

·  I called and emailed and have not heard back?
You must give us time to research your problem first. In order to give you an accurate answer we may need up to 24hrs. (Weekends & Holidays will be longer)

·  It is Friday and I selected "Next Day Air" why is my package not delivered on Saturday?
Shipping “typically” only works on business days. If your package is shipped on Friday it will get there on Monday. Saturday delivery is an additional charge & only available in certain areas.

·  I sent in a manufacturers defect for exchange and have not received my new item?
That is because we have to process your return just like a new order. We need to receive & inspect the returned item 1st before we can ship out the replacement item. Please read our Return – Cancellation – Exchange Policy at:

·  I have a deadline how can I get my order as soon as possible?
Express shipping! 
Please post your deadline in the "comments" section at check-out. We will contact you if your deadline cannot be met.

·  I ordered and want to cancel?
We have a "No Cancellation" policy. In the event that you decide that you do not want an item that you have already purchased, we will ONLY offer a store credit in the amount of the item(s) If an order was placed twice by accident, contact us & we'll get it resolved right away.

·  I am a mother and ordered for my daughter, I am upset because I have not received the order yet!
Most likely we emailed your daughter and you need to make sure that you read all of our correspondence.

·  My daughter ordered a Halloween Costume and it does not fit. I want my money back!
Most likely you daughter read the return policy but you did not. If you give your daughter your credit card you must be aware of our return policy. Please read it before you order.

·  I have not received my order.
Please contact us in writing at or call us at 623-237-3262 and we will try to help you.

·  I would like to complain!
Please contact us in writing at or call us at 623-237-3262 and we will try to help you.

·  My order was canceled after being on “back order” for more than 30 days, but I still see a charge on my credit card?
Usually when you place an order an authorization for the amount is placed on your credit card. This authorization looks like a charge but will void according to your credit card company policy. It can take up to 4 days or more with some card companies. If you receive a confirmation email that we canceled your order please have patience and allow ample time for the credit or void to appear on your account.

·  My package was damaged due to weather conditions
We can file a claim for you with UPS, however most weather conditions are not covered for replacement. Please contact us.

·  My package was damaged or lost.
You should file a claim with UPS or the USPS (depending on how it was shipped) and they can pay to replace your items. Please allow ample time for your claim to process.

·  I have a deadline and my package was lost. What can I do?
Best is to contact us so we can help you file a claim. But if your deadline is close we suggest you place a new order and wait for your claim to be approved and you can request a refund for your original order.

·  I received my Lingerie or Halloween Costume and I want to return it for a full refund!
We do not offer refunds for Intimate apparel, Halloween Costumes or accessories. All lingerie & costume orders are final. (Unless there is a manufacturers defect)

·  I tried on my item, it had a defect and returned it. But I was told it was returned dirty. What can I do?
We inspect all returned items and if they are not in NEW condition we will return them to you.

·  I refused my package and did not get my money back?
We have a strict policy about refused pacakges: At our discretion, we may consider it a canceled order and will only issue a store credit. Please do not refuse packages, but open it and return it according to our return policy. If you follow the rules and our return policy and your order complies with our return policy you will be credited.

·  I am a student and just moved into my dorm. I do not know my address.
You must enter the correct address or UPS will charge $10 for all corrected addresses. According to our Order Policy you will be charged $10 for an incorrect address.

·  I do not own an email address and I want to order.
You cannot order unless you can provide a valid email address. However you can download a Mail Order Form from our "Mail Order" button located at the checkout. Fill the form out and fax or send it in. If you are paying by check or money order it must be mailed in to us.

·  I do not own a credit card how can I order?
You can download our "Mail Order Form" and send in a money order or check. Please allow up to 10 business days to process your payment.

·  I returned an item and mailed it yesterday, why have I not hear anything from you or received my exchange?
You can track your own package to see when we received it. You must allow time to order your new item. Usually exchanges take about one week plus shipping time.  

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