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Women's fashion today uses many terms (words) that are sometimes difficult to understand. So that you will understand better what is meant by certain words we decided to put together a dictionary of sorts for the world of sexy ladies clothing. Included you will find definitions for different types of sensuous lingerie, clubwear, gorgeous evening gowns as well as some of the most erotic fabrics on the market today.

Adjustable garters Adjustable (in length) elastic straps which attach to stockings to hold them up

Adjustable shoulder straps Shoulder straps can be shortened or lengthened to provide the best fit.

Baby Doll A garment usually consisting of formed cups with an attached, loose fitting skirt that falls anywhere between the belly button and the hips.

Bolero Coat A loose fitting, waist length coat/robe open at the front.

Bodice That portion of the garment which covers the breasts. The upper part of a dress.

Bodystocking - Body Stocking Snug fitting hosiery that offers coverage from the neck or upper body down to the ankles or toes.

Boxers Loose fitting under shorts.

Bralette A sexy bra-like top that lacks the usual supportive features (such as underwires) of a real bra.

Bustier A bra that extends beneath the breasts to the waist to provide additional support, control and sex appeal.

Camisole A short top usually offering little support for the breasts.

Charmeuse An opaque (i.e., not see through), shiny fabric.

Chemise Short under dress or slip.

Coat (See Robe)

Corset A snug fitting garment designed to cinch the waist and lift the breasts. Lacing in the back allows the corset to be adjusted for comfort.

Crotchless A convenient slit or opening in the fabric covering the crotch (between the legs) area.

Demi cups Demi cups, or half cups, have a lower line which reveals more of the upper breasts.

Embroidery Decorative designs sewn into fabric by hand or machine.

Flutter A panty style with a strip of fabric around the sides that is elastic on top, but loose on the bottom.

Fringe Decorative thin strips or strings, usually hanging from the hem line.

G-String A panty consisting of a triangular patch of fabric connected with thin, elastic straps in back and around the waist completely exposing the behind.

Gown A long dress usually extending to the ankles.

Halter Neck Garment wraps around the neck for support and, optionally, may be tied behind the neck (halter tie) or include a clasp (halter closure).

Hook back Garment closes in back with one or more hooks.

Lace-up Front Garment laces up in the front for decoration and/or for an adjustable fit. Lace-up side Garment laces up the side for decoration and/or for an adjustable fit.

Opaque Impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent.

Open bust - Open Tip Little or no coverage is provided over the breasts. In general, open bust means there is no cup whatsoever while open tip usually means there is a cup, but with an opening over the nipple area.

Padded cups Cups that contain padding, sometimes removable, for those with smaller breasts that might not otherwise fill out the cups.

Panty - Panties Women's underpants - underwear Peignoir From the French word which translates to "garment worn while combing the hair". A negligee or dressing gown.

Plunge cups Cups that are cut to form a v-shape, thus revealing more cleavage than a bra with full cups.

Princess line Visible seams which resemble an hourglass shape for a figure flattering look.

Push-up cups Cups containing padding, sometimes removable, designed to push the breasts up to create a more flattering cleavage.

Removable garters Elastic straps which attach to stockings to hold them up, but which can be removed if stockings won't be used.

Removable pads Pads which can be removed from the cups, if desired.

Robe A loose fitting cover-up.

Scallop edges A decorative fabric edge shaped similar to a line of scallops (or shells) lined up edge to edge

Seamless An item manufactured without seams.

Seams can be a source of discomfort, so a seamless item will tend to be more comfortable versus a similar item made with seams.

Silicone cups Cups which are padded with silicone instead of fiber.

Silicone tends to provide a smoother, more natural look and a more comfortable fit.

Snap Crotch Crotch snaps/unsnaps for convenience.

Strapless A garment without shoulder straps.

Tap pant Pants with a slightly gathered, elasticized waistband and very short, loose-fitting legs.

Tailored Styled to look as if custom made by a tailor.

Teddy A one piece garment with high cut legs and usually a thong back.

Thong panty A panty with only a thin strip of material in the back that exposes most of the buttocks.

Underwired Adds extra support and lift for the breasts using a thin wire sewn into the base of the cups. Especially desirable feature for larger breasted women.

Having To Do With Fabrics

15 Denier Denier is a unit of measure that denotes the thickness of the fiber used in a garment. 15 denier fabric is very thin and transparent.

Black Light Glow - Glow In The Dark Fabric glows under a blacklight.

Burnout Alternating patterns of sheer and opaque fabric.

Chiffon A lightweight, sheer fabric.

Chopper bar lace An open net lace background that has been embroidered with a slightly raised, shiny pattern.

Crochet knit A large, open knit pattern that resembles crocheting.

Fishnet Coarse, open mesh fabric noted for its sex appeal.

Iridescent Fabric which appears to change color or sparkle as it moves.

Jacquard Fabric characterized by an intricate weave or pattern. Originally named after French inventor Joseph-Marie Jacquard who invented a loom capable of producing this fabric.

Mesh/Net A knit or woven fabric consisting of small, evenly spaced holes.

Microfiber An extremely fine synthetic fiber usually woven into soft, light weight, washable, breathable fabrics

Regal lace While it sounds like lace fit for a queen, in reality, this is just a particular pattern of lace that was arbitrarily given the name "Regal" by the fabric manufacturer.

Silk A natural fiber produced by silkworms that is revered for its luxuriously soft feel.

Silk Knit Silk fabric which stretches and clings to the body.

Slinky Knit A soft, elastic knit fabric which conforms to the shape of the body.

Spandex/Lycra® Spandex is the generic term for fabric created from elastic thread which helps a garment to stretch for a better fit and added comfort. Lycra® is a well known brand of spandex.

Taffeta A crisp plain-woven lustrous fabric Tapestry Rich looking fabric similar in appearance to the heavy, hand-woven designs used in making curtains and upholstery.

Venice lace Firm, heavy lace with an open background, usually in floral leaf patterns.

Velvet Fabric with a short, soft, dense pile noted for its luxurious feel.

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