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My Sexy Little Pole
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My Sexy Little Pole

Product Information

Every woman should have thier own My Sexy Little Pole!!  You can use this strong, safe & durable pole in any room of your house!  Easy to set up and take down, My Sexy Pole fits ceilings 7.5 - 8.5 feet.  This proffessional edition pole is made of stainless steel, and is safe to swing, spin and hang upside down.  This set is great for the woman who has never done it before and is too shy to take a public class, and also makes a great practice pole for any professional dancer!  You can start spinning, swinging, and putting routines together.  Talk about great excercise!!  You wont believe how well it will work all parts of your body.  Its the most fun you will ever have getting into shape!  Once I started, I couldnt stop.  My Sexy Little Pole also comes with a DVD to give you detailed practical advice, tips, techniques & routines to start you dancing. 

My Sexy Little Pole is a great & fun fitness activity that will help improve tone & body shaping, increase flexibility, arobic cardio strengthening, and tightens the tummy, back and butt!  It's also a great sexy & seductive way to bring spice back into your home life.  It will increase your self confidence, improve your body image, and bring romance back into the home!   You will be surprised at how great you feel once you start using My Sexy Little Pole. 

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